Rob Carlson, Democrat for US Congress
New Jersey District 1
Rob Carlson, Democrat for US Congress
New Jersey District 1
Democrat for US Congress, NJ 1

Rob Carlson

  • Fair Play
  • Compassion
  • The Common Good
And It Goes Beyond Donald Trump

We Have A Problem In America

Don’t get me wrong, Donald Trump is a traitor to the United States. He is a crook whose only option for financing his corrupt and failing business empire was through Russian criminals. He became so indebted to them that he allowed them to run a campaign of disinformation and outright election fraud to aid him in becoming their puppet. The Russian criminals have succeeded. They have a wholly-owned puppet occupying the most powerful office in the world. Yet, Donald Trump is not the worst of our problems. That dubious honor belongs entirely to the Republicans in Congress who allowed this to occur and enable its continuation.

Trump only holds office with the willing acceptance of Republicans…

Fierce in

Telling the Truth

Democrats must be aggressive and unwavering in their opposition. We must be as as fierce in telling the truth as the Republicans have been in lying. We must quit playing with the pretense of compromise. We cannot compromise with criminals, we cannot compromise with rule-breakers, and we cannot compromise with those without human compassion.

What's Important to All of Us

Core Positions

Women's Rights

To not believe in basic fairness or the inherent equality of sexes is basically to be a jerk.

Voting Rights

Without all of our eligible citizens afforded the right and the ability to vote our country crumbles away.

The Environment

The environment and climate change are the biggest problem facing the world.

Trump & The Republicans

The Republican party has absolutely no interest in fair play, justice, or love of country.


I support HR676, Healthcare for All Americans


Net Neutrality

Protecting our right to information without being shoved aside is not a one front war.


Having respect for another person’s faith or religious beliefs does not entail being subject to those beliefs.

Foreign Policy & The Military

My father was a career Marine. I know the sacrifice military members and their families make.


Our three main issues in America—marijuana legalization, the opioid epidemic and excessive incarceration.

Law & Order

Cops don’t need military assault equipment and the federal government shouldn’t be providing or pushing it.

Jobs & The Economy

We’re approaching a point where so much will be automated, there won’t be enough jobs.

A De-Emphasis On States

States should never equal the feds unless they are guaranteeing greater personal freedoms.

Who Is Rob?

I try to be the person in the room who can focus on the problem at hand and not be distracted by paths that take one away from a solution. I try not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good, but also try to remember that patches are patches—not solutions.