Rob Carlson, Democrat for US Congress
New Jersey District 1
Rob Carlson, Democrat for US Congress
New Jersey District 1
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Here's A Novel Idea

Law & Order

Here’s a novel idea.  Cops should be protecting people from murder, rape and robberies and quit wasting their time on drug offenses.  Forfeiture laws are unconstitutional, unfair and stupid.  Private prisons are abhorrent. Three strikes laws should not apply to drug offenses. Cops don’t need military assault equipment and the federal government shouldn’t be providing it or pushing it on police forces.  We should let and encourage the police to “Protect and Serve”.

Lest you think I am anti-cop, let’s get something straight.  Police officers largely do what they are told to do or encouraged to do.  If they are told to bust druggies and turn a blind eye to sexual assault, it usually isn’t their fault.  Are there bad eggs in police forces?  Of course.  There are racists and overly aggressive jerks like we find in every profession, except they have guns and the right to arrest.  We have to be diligent about removing bad cops from the force, and at the same time we have to make sure that cops are trusted and not feared.  By doing what I suggested in the second sentence, we can accomplish just that.   Protect people from murder, rape and robberies and forget drug users and petty dealers and prostitutes.  We should however crack down heavily on pimps, who are basically human traffickers.   Release the drug offenders and keep the violent criminals in for as long as possible.

Law and order also means arresting real criminals.  It means that state and city attorney generals should be able to take down bankers who embezzle billions from American citizens.  It means we quit accepting “too big to fail”.  If we do not create an equitable system where the ultra-wealthy and ultra-powerful are held accountable, we basically just accept crime as normal and our society rots into a kleptocratic dictatorship– kind of like what Trump and the Republicans have brought about now, only permanent.

Rob Carlson, Running for US Congress, NJ 1

Jobs & The Economy

Jobs should be paid fairly. Someone working for minimum wage should be able to shelter and support a family. In fact everyone should have that, so the worker should be able to put even more money away.