Rob Carlson, Democrat for US Congress
New Jersey District 1
Rob Carlson, Democrat for US Congress
New Jersey District 1
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A Literal And Symbolic Meaning

What's Up With The Bridge?

What’s up with the bridge?

The bridge has a literal and symbolic meaning.  Literally we are neglecting our country’s infrastructure.  Republicans are letting are bridges, roads, and dams rot.  As well as the health and well-being of Americans. the education system and our food water and air supply.

Symbolically a bridge (and this one in particular) represents that we are all connected.  The goal of a congressman isn’t to bring largesse to his little corner of the country.  We are all in this together.  Camden County and surrounding environs has more in common and greater symbiosis with Philadelphia than other parts of NJ.  We must end petty regionalism and fiefdoms.  Barriers between states must be brought down.  We must think big picture.  That means a more powerful compassionate federal government that overrules state laws that protect predatorily plutocrats.  We need a new federalism that devolves the power of states into a more magnanimous union.

Rob Carlson, Running for US Congress, NJ 1

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